A former governor has lost a choice hotel in Singapore to one of his mistresses.

The unidentified governor, who is currently on the run, had been using the mistress to launder money when he was governor of his state.

The ex-governor is currently under investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for allegedly benefitting from the $2.1billion arms scandal.

Investigation revealed that over N600million of the $2.1billion arms scandal fund has so far been traced to the ex-governor.

Also hanging on his neck is an allegation that he mismanaged N19.8billion public funds while in office.

He has refused to honour EFCC invitation CR: 3000/EFCC/ABJ/ASO/TM5/VOL.5/596.

It was gathered that the former governor bought the hotel in the name of the latter day wife.

But the relationship turned into a scam because the wife divorced the ex-governor and took possession of the hotel.

It was further gathered that the former governor has been battling to retrieve the hotel from the woman.

It is, however, unlikely he would get it back.


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