It's today, March 5, that Ramey Nouah makes history.

He will be staring in his first Television role in 25 years.

According to the director of the series, Imoh Umoren who spoke to Bounce News,  he said "I pushed all the actors on set; you can see that each character in intense, including Ramsey Nouah"

The last time we saw, Ramsey in a television series was in 1993.

Ramsey Nouah officially kicked off his acting career on Fortune, a soap opera which starred Liz Benson, Pat Attah and Regina Askia.

Since then, he's become one of Nollywood's most celebrated leading acts — with memorable performances in The Figurine and '76.

He returns in a series titled 'Oghenekhome' which premieres on Monday, March 5, 2018.

Ramsey Nouah stars alongside another Nollywood 'warhorse' in Segun Arinze in this series.

While talking about walking with Ramsey Nouah and Segung Arinze, Imoh Umoren told Bounce News

"it was good, the respect comes wen they realize what your doing. We will shoot for long hours, and Ramsey Nouah and Segun Arinze wer very professionl, they had no 'air' around them. They brought their 'A' game".

After 2 months plus of production and post-production, the world is about to see intense action, intense acting and splashes of love on 'Oghenekhome' on DSTV Channel 151.

The series comes from the stable of Micromedia productions, creators of Casino and Taste Of Love.