As it is synonymous with the period, food prices are expected to be affected.

The rationale behind the increase is still a mystery anyway.

This year is not an exception according to the market price survey carried out by Bounce News in Gombe state.

Some marketers and buyers lament price change in some commodities like yam, palm oil, sugar, irish potatoes and vegetables. 

While the price of others like rice, beans, grains remain unchanged.

“A bag of sugar was last year sold between N18,000 – N19,000 but this year now is sold between N14,000 and N15,000”, Abdullahi Mohammed, a provision shop owner at the Gombe main market said.

Lidia David Irish Potatoes vendor in Gombe main market said that in the past two weeks the price of Irish Potatoes has increased in the state. 

“We used to sell a bag of Irish Potatoes for N12,000, but it has increased to N14,000 now”, she said.

“We thank God for the market but the present increment in yam price is too much, yam that was sold for N60,000 two weeks ago is now N70,000,” Auwal Zadawa, a yam seller in Gombe main market said.

“We used to buy a basket of tomatoes for N3,000 but is now between N11,000 and N12,000.

"Pepper has increased from N3,000 to N9,000 for a bag in the market" Muhammed Orji said.

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Muhammed said the sudden price change is not naturally pertinent to Ramadan as most of the commodities are seasonal.

"The prices of tomatoes, pepper and onions always go up high at this time of the year because of the raining season" Muhammed added.

Muhammed said the price change have affected the business, as most buyers prefers to take their rice with oil instead of stew.

Many residents are afraid that the price of food stuff like rice may likely increase during Ramadan as rice is the major food consumed. 

A bag of local rice known as Jamila is now sold Between N27,000 – N28, 000, Bala Idi, the chairman Gombe state Rice sellers association said.