Muslims are fasting and President Muhammadu Buhari is also taking part in that fast, but there is something about him and food that many Nigerians do not know. 

In the evening on Tuesday, the President invited Service Chiefs and Ministers to the State House in Abuja to break the fast with them.

A cozy evening it was for everyone at the event, as the President made them laugh and chuckle.

It was funny when the President told them that he could not have missed his three square meal for anything in the world, except for the Ramadan fast.

buhari says he he does not miss his meal

"I’m dedicated to eating three meals a day. It may not show, but those close to me know it, that I don’t miss any meals. But when Ramadan comes, I don’t have a choice," he told them, making them laugh in amazement. 

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It is one week since the fast started and it is a Holy month for Muslims, as they pray and seek the face of God. 

President Muhammadu Buhari had at the commencement of the Ramadan highlighted a few things that he would like Nigerian Muslims to do at this time. 

He said it was necessary that they should seek the purification of their inner self which he believes was in line with the dictates of Prophet Mohammed.