A member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) claims the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa State connived with rainmakers to make rain and disrupt the party's rally.

The PDP held its rally on Tuesday and Atiku Abubakar was present. 

A day that started with no sign of rain ended with a downpour that started just about the moment the campaign speeches began. 

At the rally were former President Goodluck Jonathan, the Governor of Bayelsa State, Seriake Dickson and other top members of the PDP.

Umbrella is their symbol, but apparently, how much it cots to get one affected its availability at the really, as supporters cheered and danced in the rain. 

While the rally was on, Bounce News spoke with one of the party Chieftains, who would not want his name mentioned.

'Egbesu Is Angry'

He blamed the APC for the heavy downpour, saying it was not ordinary.

"We all know that it has been raining frequently in the state but today's own is the handiwork of APC and haters. 

"They wanted to scatter the crowd with their rain but failed woefully. 

"Why would people pay a rainmaker to send rain and thunder today of all days? he asked. 

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But an APC supporter, Mr Maxwell Ipidei, who was at the rally, however, debunked the claim.

"Atiku was in power as the Vice President when Ex-President Obasanjo bombed and killed our people in Odi community. 

"Egbesu, the ljaw god, is simply angry with him. 

"When una do bad thing finish, una go call APC when our land start to fight una," he said in pidgin English. 

"If our party sent rain and thunder, will he still be breathing by now?," he further questioned. 

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