Peter Okoye aka Mr P of the defunct Psquare got mixed reactions from people all over the world when he recently played up the issues that led to the breakup with his twin brother.

He said Paul’s habit of insulting his family without remorse and refusal to accept them left him feeling insulted and marginalised.

So, he turned his back on the fame and started all over again.

Now, Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) in a new video clip has responded to the allegation by denying everything.

Paul said that he knew nothing about what Peter was saying and talking about the issue would amount to damaging what he has built over the years.

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When pressed further, Paul stated that he wouldn’t say much on the matter because it’s supposed to be private and a family affair.

This has been his style since Peter’s public outcry started about how he felt he was being treated by his brothers.

But just like his brother, the reactions to Paul's claims have also not been all positive, contrary to what he might have expected.

Psquare: Paul Insults Me And My Family In Public - Peter Okoye


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There are questions on social media and the logic is that since the so-called private matter has been made public already, Paul needs to stop feigning ignorance and clear his name, rather than hiding behind the matter being private.

These are serious allegations by his brother. Does Paul’s evasive response validate Peter’s claims that he feels no remorse and is unwilling to apologise?

Fans seem no longer interested in their issues, just make us some good music. We can live with the split as long as it brings us double portion of music from both sides.

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