In this new beef season, it's Paul Okoye’s turn to throw shades at ‘someone’. The last time around it was Peter that was vocal.

Paul Okoye on February 20, 2017, took to his Instagram page to send another message to ‘someone’,  a day after Lola Okoye (Peter’s wife) took to her Instagram page to promote love and peace, ‘out of the blues’.

The one half of the famous Psqaure duo wrote on the social media page “Come and Be Going”.

This links back to the rumors that Paul Okoye has never been a fan of his twin brother’s wife, Lola.  

This new family feud between the Okoyes began on September 14, 2017, after Peter Okoye took to Instagram and wrote:

"If it makes you Happy, no one else's opinion should Matter. #LiveLifeHappy #WordsOfHappiness #KoolestDude #MrP."

3 days later, Paul Okoye fires back at ‘someone’. 

He wrote, "Back to naija don't take my silence for granted.... only a woman can come where brothers are working in peace and destroy it      #youknowyourself .... try me this time .... I swear Nyash go open  you will know that blood is thicker and stronger than juju..."

Who is this ‘someone’? Who is using juju? Ileke lo ma jiya!!!