The waste collecting truck crushed the commercial motorcyclist after he fell off the truck.

He had hung on to give the truck conductor a piece of his mind.

The okadaman, simply identified as Lekan, was in his early 30s and was riding home around 7 pm with a television set when he had an argument with the truck conductor over the right of way.

“One of the motor boys, who usually perched by the side and atop of the truck, in anger over the Okadaman’s daring act, made some derogatory remarks that reportedly angered him.

“He abandoned his motorcycle by the side of the road with a television set he was taking to his newly-rented apartment, and gave a hot chase after the truck to attack the motor boy.

“He caught up with the truck and held the motor boy by the collar. While they were struggling, the Okadaman lost his grip and fell on the road. Unfortunately, the moving truck ran over him, crushing his head.

“He was left in a pool of his blood, before policemen from Idimu Police Station came to remove the corpse.” An eye witness narrated. 

Lekan is survived by his wife and a 6-month-old child.

Police officials have demanded an autopsy to ascertain whether or not the deceased was pushed off the truck by the conductor.