Hundreds of protesters and dozens of riot police gathered in front of the entrance leading to the heavily fortified embassy. 

Some youths in the crowd threw stones toward the gate leading to the US embassy.

Despite calls to keep the demonstration peaceful, clashes broke out as crowds threw plastic water bottles, stones and sticks at the police.

Lebanese security forces on the scene responded with tear gas and water cannons, as demonstrators lit a large garbage can and car tires on fire.

One American flag was burned.

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At least five protesters affected by tear gas were carried away from the scene.

Protesters said they condemned Trump's steps on Jerusalem's status, and said they were angry at the "impotence" of Arab leaders in the wake of the controversial decision.

"Sheep who are the Arab leaders betrayed Jerusalem years ago," Mustafa, a Syrian demonstrator, said.

The demonstration outside the embassy comes as Lebanese group Hezbollah plans to hold a demonstration Monday in the Beirut suburbs to condemn Trump's decision.


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