Seriously, people need to learn how to make accusations without generalizing.

When movie director, Pascal Atuma hit the media with the statement that those who make it in the Nigerian movie industry are ‘prostitutes’, we knew he knows something.

It will be hypocritical to say that the industry is 100% clean, what we knew would cause trouble is making it look like there are no genuine hustlers in the game.

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Ruth Kadiri is one hard-worker who will not take the generalization without a fight.

She is pissed and in a post on IG went straight for the accuser:

“I am an actress and a producer, I am successful, and I am not a prostitute Sir, if you have nothing to say please don’t grant interviews slamming us all and generalizing based on the lifestyle of a few. It’s very wrong. Pascal Atuma.”

If you do not have figures, never use words like 'all' or 'only'...etc. There is a word like 'some'. 

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