Producers of the Nollywood film, ‘Busted’ may have entered the good books of gays and lesbians.

The movie is due for private screening at Oriental Hotel, Lagos, on May 21.

It was made by Lisa and her sister, Face Onu. They claim to be under attack for daring to produce the expository movie. 

Face Onu said since they shot the movie, they have been receiving a lot of criticism from people who are accusing them of promoting immorality in Nigeria through film.

 Face Onu denies that ‘Busted’ which stars  Liz Benson, Kate Henshaw, IK Ogbonna and Paul Obazele was made to support same sex relationships.

 “The movie is sending a strong message to parents to pay attention to their wards.” Face said.

“ ‘Busted’ will  bring to the fore the evil  associated with the practice of same-sex-marriage which alien to African society.” She added.

It tells the story of Queen Edwards who is lured into lesbianism by her housemaid. She (Queen) begins having affairs with several ladies and breaking their hearts in the process.

She eventually meets and falls in love with Blessing,  who is in the same lifestyle due to the peer pressure and for financial gains.