Prince Adam Zango has further confirmed his status as one of the biggest stars of Kannywood.

The Hausa film and music industry has always been a crowd puller but when Zango sold over 10,000 tickets at his Sallah show during the holidays, they knew this was unprecedented.

Wondering who he is?

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Prince Adam Zango is a Kannywood director, actor and hip-hop musician. He is also considered to be one of its richest celebrities.

His ability to deliver in lover boy roles brought him fame and in Kannywood, when you can back your acting with musical skills, you rise quickly.

At the historic Sallah show, he performed many hits like Mai Laya, Gwaska and also had Kannywood actresses like Fati Washa and Zainab Indomie on stage with him.

The show held at the Trade Fair Complex in Kano.

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