The sins of an Orthodox priest, Gleb Grozovsky, have caught up with him after he was sentenced to 14 years for sexually abusing children

A Russian court sentenced him in a penal colony, Wednesday, in a paedophilia case that dragged on over four years after he had initially fled the country.

The court in Priozersk, a city in the northern Leningrad region, found cleric Gleb Grozovsky guilty of sexually abusing three children younger than 14 at two religious holiday camps.

“Gleb Grozovsky was sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment at a high security penal colony and to restricted movement for a year after his release,” the court said.

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The court also ordered Grozovsky to pay 400,000 rubles ($7,072) to each of his victims’ families.

According to investigators, Grozovsky molested an unspecified number of children at an Orthodox children’s camp in northern Russia in 2011 and a similar camp on the Greek island of Kos in 2013.

Grozovsky is a well known priest in Russia’s second largest city Saint Petersburg, where he worked with drug and alcohol addicts, coordinated various church-affiliated youth programmes and even had his own radio show.


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