What would make you kill your own son?

For President of Philippine, Rodrigo Duterte, it is drug business.

If allegations of drug dealing levelled against his son is true, he will have him killed.

Duterte’s son, Paolo Duterte, this month appeared before a senate inquiry to deny accusations made by an opposition lawmaker he was a member of a Chinese triad who helped smuggle in a huge shipment of crystal methamphetamine from China.

But his father said if the accusations are true, he will not only have him killed, but he will make sure that the police who carry out the hit will be protected from prosecution.

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"I said before my order was: 'If I have children who are into drugs, kill them so people will not have anything to say'," Duterte said in a speech on Wednesday night before government workers at the presidential palace in Manila.

"So, I told Pulong (Paolo's nickname): 'My order is to kill you if you are caught. And I will protect the police who kill you, if it is true'," he said.

72-year-old Duterte, won the presidential elections on a brutal law-and-order platform in which he promised an unprecedented campaign to eradicate illegal drugs in society by killing up to 100,000 traffickers and addicts.

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