The crowds are gathering and they are getting set to chant anti-Buhari songs.

While Nigerians are hoping the latest visit by Buhari to London does not take another 100 days, some people are planning to protest against the President’s intention to run for a second term.

The executive arm of government says it has uncovered plans by some people it called “Nigerian looters”, to disrupt the visit.

President Buhari is billed to hold bilateral talks with Prime Minister Theresa May and other dignitaries.

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Sources in the presidency told State House correspondents on Tuesday night that the alleged looters and corrupt elements had rented motley crowd of professional demonstrators to protest.

The sources said: “Barely 24 hours after President Muhammadu Buhari declared his intention to contest for another term in office as President of Nigeria, the camps of alleged looters and corrupt elements within and outside the country have been jolted.

“This has forced them to push panic buttons including renting a motley crowd of professional demonstrators to protest against the President on his arrival into the United Kingdom.”

But the sources said the president will not be distracted in his fight against corruption, while calling on Nigerians to keep faith in the present administration.

“Esteemed Nigerians home and abroad, friends and business investors in Nigeria, should please see through the veil of the motive behind the Abuja House, Kensington London demonstration.

“It was an orchestrated act of desperation and a ploy to blackmail and hoodwink the President from concentrating on his anti corruption campaign , which is fast gaining grounds locally and internationally,” our source stated authoritatively.

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