The presidency in Nigeria has appealed to Igbo leaders to see themselves as partners with the Federal Government in promoting peace and stability.

A spokesman for President Muhammadu Buhari, Garba Shehu, made the appeal while responding to critics opinion about the President’s Independence Day speech.

Ohaneze, a group in South East Region had made a few comments allegedly blaming the recent unrest in south-east on activities of the army's dancing python.

But the presidential aide, in a statement issued in Abuja on Monday, maintained that it is unfair.

“President Buhari was not abdicating his responsibilities. He didn’t request any political leader to do anything seminal or out of the box.

“All he says is, talk to your out-of-the-line-youth so that we have some peace.

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“Igbo leaders need not to be on the defensive for the misbehaviour of the IPOB [Indigenous People Of Biafra] which they rightly condemned,” he stated.

Buhari was not only referring to leaders from south-east, the Presidents' spokesman insisted.

“Elders from every region must step out and speak up whenever their youth go out of line, such as when the IPOB launched unspeakable diatribes against other groups of people in other parts of the country and then began to threaten violence.

“President Buhari was simply calling out the regional leaders to their responsibilities, making them aware of the crucial role they can play.

“This should not be seen as an attack on the Ohaneze or on any other regional leaders.” he added.

Agitations for secession had climaxed last month, leading to the deployment of troops to the region.


Confrontations followed, with youths clashing with military personnel and then an eventual proscription of IPOB, a group championing the agitations.

The proscription of the group had deflated the drums of war rolling out and soldiers that fought in the Biafra Civil War have something for the younger generation of Nigerians in this video.