The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the Presidency of forcing governors elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to use public funds to finance the ruling party’s forthcoming national convention.

The PDP alleged that already, some APC governors had ‎moved in huge sums of money from public coffers.

There have been reports of how the 24 APC governors were asked to contribute N6 billion at N250 million each towards the convention.

But the APC in a statement on Sunday claimed that the governors were only asked to pay their dues which some of them had defaulted on.

According to the APC, the governors were requested to pay up, especially in view of upcoming party activities.

However, the PDP dismissed the APC claim.

The party urged the APC to stop lying to Nigerians and admit that it is corrupt.


“APC is corrupt. Our investigation reveals that many of the APC governors are being coerced under the orders of the presidency and the leadership of the party to move in huge sums of money in cash into the APC coffers, bulk of which have already been frittered away by corrupt leaders in the party and agents of the presidency,” the opposition party said.

“More saddening is that the money is being pulled from funds derived from federal bailouts and other monies budgeted for critical development projects in various communities, many of which have now been stalled, leaving the people deprived and impoverished.

“It is appalling that this is the same party and administration that have been accusing others of corruption and publishing fabricated ‘looters’ lists’ just to deceive Nigerians and divert public attention from their sleazes.”

“PDP therefore challenges the APC to publish the names of the governors, ministers and other APC political office holders, who it claims have already brought in money as well as inform the nation on why they are moving the money in cash contrary to financial regulations, if the source is not proceeds of corrupt activities.

“Up till now, the APC and President Buhari, even in their self-acclaimed transparency and integrity, have refused to open up on the source of funds for their very expensive 2015 presidential campaign, which have been revealed to have been stolen from states under their control. This time, they are again coercing governors to steal money meant for development and payment of salaries to finance their 2019 campaign.”

The party also alleged that the APC plans to take N14 billion from government coffers.

“What many Nigerians are yet to know is that the APC actually plans to rake in a total of N14 billion from government coffers, out of which it has already planned to procure expensive cars for their national officers as well as share to their leaders close to President Buhari.

“Our inquest shows that the N671 million recently reported to have been stolen from APC account by some national officers who allegedly moved the sum to their private accounts is linked to diverted public funds. There is documentary evidence and the APC has failed to offer explanations to Nigeria on that.

“The APC reeks and is completely guilty as it reasonably ought to have known that the funds it has been receiving form part of illegal activities of government officials who have been diverting funds from states and government agencies, particularly the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation and the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to fund the wasteful lifestyle of their party leaders and the 2019 re-election bid.”