Some aides to the President believe that the media does not support the ongoing anti-corruption war.

The Presidency has told the media that it will not succumb to media attacks nor be stopped by false accusations by people it referred to as disgruntled elements.

“The war against corruption is here to stay. As long as President Muhammadu Buhari is in power, Nigerians can rest assured of that.

“It will not succumb to media attacks. It will not be deterred by false accusations. It will not be quenched by disgruntled elements,’’ said presidential spokesman,  Garba Shehu.

The Presidency was reacting to retired Colonel Dangiwa Umar’s statement against the ongoing anti-corruption campaign. Umar accused the government of being unfair and biased. 

Shehu said President Buhari’s administration is quite familiar with the barrage of verbal attacks that have accompanied its determination to fight corruption.

He said several Nigerian elite, who are uncomfortable with the disruption of business as usual, have fought viciously using the media.

“However, this comment, coming from Umar, is highly disappointing because he is not in a position to label accusations. He should, instead, allow other to do this.

“Curiously, despite the various accusations and media attacks, no one has so far come forth with any evidence of President Buhari’s selective approach to the war against corruption,’’ Shehu said.