The effect of climate change has continued to put the lives of many persons in danger, getting to a point that humans will need to take the plan to address the situation more seriously.

Again the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet), has predicted dust haze weather condition with horizontal visibility range of about two to five kilometres over the Central States of the country on Monday.

NiMet’s Weather Outlook by its Central Forecast Office in Abuja on Saturday, also predicted day and night temperatures in the range of 17 to 34 and 10 to 20 degrees Celsius respectively.

The agency predicted that the southern states would experience sunny and hazy condition over the inland cities with day and night temperatures in the range of 31 to 35 and 19 to 24 degrees Celsius respectively.


It also predicted that the coastal cities were expected to experience mist condition in the morning hours with chances of partly cloudy sky in the afternoon and evening period.

According to NiMet, northern states will experience dust haze condition in visibility of about one to three kilometres is anticipated with localized visibility of less than 1000m during the forecast period.

"The region will also have day and night temperatures in the range of 28 to 31 and 12 to 17 degrees Celsius respectively.

"Deterioration in visibility is anticipated over the northern and central cities due to fresh dust that was raised over the source region while sunny and hazy condition is likely over the inland states.

"The coastal cities are expected to experience mist condition in the morning hours with chances of partly cloudy sky in the afternoon and evening hours," NiMet forecast further stated.

Risk To Health

In the last few weeks, the amount of dust settling on furniture and electrical appliances in homes is increasing and that really translates into increase in the amount of dust that we inhale.

The situation is on the increase and this requires that Nigerians should demand for their protection from dust from the government.

A climate change treaty has been entered into by Nigeria and that makes the government responsible in ensuring that practices within the nation comply with the treaty which is part of an effort to make the world safer for human.

Experts believe that planting tree is good because trees, as they grow, take carbon out of the atmosphere.

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A senior scientist with the Woods Hole Research Center, was quoted by Think Progress as saying that, "the more wood you have, the more carbon is on land and out of the atmosphere".

But this dust that we still see is a sign that there is failure in the efforts to plant trees to reduce the effect of climate change.

There are no sustained tree planting plan in most states in Nigeria.

There is danger when dust inhaled is not properly cleared from the body.

This is what the World Health Organisation said a publication about the risk of dust to human health.

"Wherever the particles are deposited, either in the head or in the lung, they have the potential to cause harm either locally or subsequently elsewhere in the body. Particles that remain for a long time have increased potential to cause disease. This is why inhaled particles are important in relation to environmental evaluation and control."

Be ready, because cough and catarrh caused by dust will increase in coming days. 

The bottom line is that it is better to prevent the increase of dust than to begin to look for how best to clear dust from the respiratory system.