The Lagos State Police command is not done with Praiz.

The command has released a statement stating its own side of the story, regarding the face off between singer Praiz, and some of its officials on Tuesday, December 19th.

The statement was released on Christmas day by the state police command spokesperson, SP Chike Oti.

According to Oti, the police men were only worried about his speeding and wanted to search him.

The Police spokesperson claims that it was Praiz who became hysterical without provocation and started shouting " Sars, sars, sars ooo".

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As he was shouting, he started abusing the officers, while filming them.

The officers took him to see the Area Commander, ACP Felix Oben whom they had already called to report the conduct of the man.

It was at the Area Commander's office that the police men realised that he is a musician.

“The Police authority in Lagos nevertheless felt scandalized by Praiz's rudeness to the men in uniform who were out to ensure law, order and safety along the Lekki/ Epe corridor.

“It is also instructive to note that the officers are not SARS operatives as erroneously assumed by Praiz but conventional police men in their uniforms serving at  Area 'J' Command Headquarters.

“Celebrities are therefore advised to take advantage of  the Citizen Complaint Center numbers or call on the Police Public Relations Officer instead of resorting to cheap social media blackmail.” Oti said.