The spat between electricity distribution companies and the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola isn't going away any time soon.

Earlier last week, the Discos had reacted to Fashola’s comments on the state of power industries and the role of the Discos, saying that the super minister didn't get his facts right.

Fashola didn't find this funny and responded in a letter he personally signed on Friday calling the association of the electricity distributors unlicenced.

He even referred to the Discos’ spokesperson as ‘busy-body’.

Yet, the Discos appear unwilling to let go.

On Sunday, the Discos under the aegis of Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors, ANED issued another statement accusing Fashola of spending tax payers’ money on misguided projects. 

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The Discos, in another document made available to newsmen on Sunday, stated that it is astonishing and confusing to note that under the minster’s watch, an agency like Rural Electrification Agency, REA was currently implementing a three-megawatt power project valued at 5.2 billion naira per megawatt in Sokoto; and another two-megawatt plant in Anambra valued at 4.04 billion naira per megawatt from taxpayers’ funds.

ANED said: “Why is this remarkable? It is remarkable because the government has robustly challenged, as exorbitant, the proposed price of $1.5m/MW put forward by power developers from the private sector and sought a reduction of same

“Are Nigerians truly best served by the various ‘projects’ being promoted by REA, TCN and friends? 

"Are taxpayers truly getting value for money with these projects? Should the unserved rural dwellers, who should be legitimate beneficiaries of REA’s funding and services, continue to live in darkness due to the ministry’s and REA’s misguided priorities?”

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