Nigeria's poverty situation is biting hard, sometimes claiming lives of those who could no longer face it. 

Tragedy struck at the Phikwore Area of Kubwa, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), with a man allegedly laying his life down for a train to run over.

He has not been identified, but he left a note that speaks a lot about the level of poverty he may have faced. 

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the middle-aged man, who died on Monday, was earlier seen lying down on the rail track waiting for the train.

Shortly after, a train approached and ran over him.

The incident happened at about 12:45 p.m., a kilometre away from the Kubwa Railway Station.

His suicide note was in a bag containing some clothes by the side of the railway track.

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Some of the eyewitnesses said the short message, supposedly addressed to his wife and kid, reads: “Please forgive me for I do not have funds to take care of you".

The spokesman to Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), Mr Niyi Ali, who confirmed the incident, said that an investigation had begun into the incident to unravel the real motive behind the act.

“We will like to find out what will warrant a young man to lay in wait on a train track to take his life," he added.

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