The Catholic Church under Pope Francis continues in its determination to confront its ugly past riddled with sex scandal.

The Vatican said Saturday that Pope Francis has now ordered a deeper investigation into the accusations of sexual misconduct against Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick.

This includes a “thorough study” of archival documents to determine how he climbed the church hierarchy despite allegations he had had sex with seminarians and young priests, according to New York Times.

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The statement came more than a month after Carlo Maria Viganò, the former Vatican ambassador to the United States, published a remarkable letter accusing the pope of having known about, and covered up, the actions of Archbishop McCarrick.

According to the New York Times, the Vatican statement did not explicitly address the accusations by Archbishop Viganò. Instead, the Vatican said, the pope’s decision was motivated generally by the “publication of the accusations” against Archbishop McCarrick, who once led the Archdiocese of Washington and was a major power in the Catholic Church in the United States.

The pope, the statement said, was “aware of and concerned by the confusion that these accusations are causing in the conscience of the faithful.”

Vatican officials said the statement served as recognition that mistakes were made in handling the case of Archbishop McCarrick, who resigned as Washington archbishop in 2006 after he reached the retirement age of 75. He is now 88.

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