"I appeal for the rejection of all violence in political life and for a solution to the current grave crisis, which affects everyone, particularly the poorest and most disadvantaged of society."

Those were the prayers of the catholic pontiff while routing for the world’s poor especially the ones in violence-inflicted areas such as Venuzuela on Sunday.

"I assure all of you of my prayers for each of the countries of Latin America, and in a special way for neighboring Venezuela," Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis prayed for a peaceful end to Venezuela's "grave crisis" which has left scores dead, as he wrapped up a tour to support peace in neighboring Colombia.

The Argentine pope spoke during a prayer service in Cartagena, one of Colombia's top tourist draws but also one of its poorest cities, on the last day of his tour of the country.

Venezuela's crisis has caused food and medicine shortages and calls for President Nicolas Maduro to quit.

Francis flew back to Rome on Sunday evening after a four-city tour of Colombia.