In a society where people's integrity is regularly questioned due to the harsh economic reality, it will not be out of place to ask the logic behind the decision of a poor widow with a meagre salary to return lost money.

Mrs. Falilat Sule, a senior office attendant with the Bursary department at the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State has etched her name in the list of few Nigerians who raised the bar of integrity.

The widow, with two children to cater for from her slim salary, while on duty in the department, reportedly found a sheet of paper containing money on the floor but decided to take it to her boss.

According to her, she found the money neatly wrapped in a sheet with the name, Joke Rosemary Taiwo, HND 2, Mass Comm. written on the paper but didn't bother to open it until her boss asked her to do so.

"I counted the money, it was #11,250. Mr. Agbede, a senior accounting officer in the Bursary department told me to keep the money till the following day.

"But my conscience kept disturbing me, so I had to take it to the Bursar in order to fast-track the process of returning the money to the owner.

"The Bursar later called the HOD, Mass communication, Mrs Adewole Florence who actually knew the student. Right there, she called the student and when she came and knew why she was called, she was full of gratitude and prayed for me."

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Mrs. Sule was said to have lost her husband in 1993 and remained a single parent since then.

She was employed in 2007 as a cleaner in the polytechnic. She is one of the staff of the institution who are battered by the economic downturn resulting from the backlog of unpaid salaries by the state government.

All Mrs. Sule wanted however was an employment for her son who graduated from the department of Science and Laboratory Studies in the polytechnic about two year ago.

With the return of the money, Mrs. Sule returned to her regular duty as the chapter appeared to have been closed with a mere thank you from the owner of the money and her HOD.

Some people of the institution however are not contented with the idea and called for due compensation for the woman by the management in order to encourage similar gesture in future.

One of the staff in the Bursary department who chose not to disclose her identity said that was not the first time Mrs Sule would find money and return it to the owner.

"She had done it several times and I don't think she has been duly recognised or compensated for it. Even with her pathetic condition with two kids to cater for, she remained unshaken in her belief.

"I must confess to you that her type is uncommon in this campus and I doubt it if I myself could do such (laughs)"

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