If someone had told a police corporal, Abdulkadir Yakub, that he would have a knife stuck into his head and buttocks by the end of that day, he could probably have arrested the fellow.

Yakub, a traffic police officer posted to a roundabout, was attacked after he challenged the soldiers for extorting money from motorists and causing gridlock.

He reportedly sustained deep cuts in the head and buttocks, as he was said to have been stabbed by one of the recruits.

Witnesses said the young soldiers, who were about 17, were returning from the governor’s office after a courtesy visit when they stopped at the roundabout and started extorting motorists.

Another police corporal, Monday Agom, who paired Yakub at the post, recalled that the incident occurred at about 2.00 p.m., after Yakub pleaded with the soldiers not to cause a traffic gridlock by their activity at the roundabout.

“One of the soldiers stopped a man in mufti who happened to be a policeman right in his car and demanded the car key, while Yakub was trying to pass him to allow for the next person in line, so as to free traffic which was already building up,” Agom explained.

“Yakub then explained to him (the attacker) that the man he stopped is a police officer and that he should allow him to go as stopping him there would cause hold-up.

“This statement infuriated the soldier who immediately slapped Yakub, before bringing out a jack-knife with which he started cutting him at several parts of the body.

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“I then joined other people to rescue Yakub from the soldier, who was shouting ‘I will kill you, idiot; I will kill you, idiot.”

He added that other soldiers also joined in punching Yakub who was already dripping with blood.

The situation degenerated when mobile police officers whose station was close to the scene, mobilised themselves and attacked the soldiers in reprisal.

It was learnt that one of the soldiers also sustained head injuries in the fracas.


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