An official of the Nigeria Police Force, Donatus Oyibe, has reportedly committed suicide over his transfer to Borno State.

Oyibe attached to the Ebonyi State police command was said to have jumped inside a deep well on Sunday night when he went to fetch water.

Family sources say his death was connected with his recent transfer to Borno State. His posting letter was released on August 28.

The deceased daughter, Ukamaka, said her late father took a bucket to fetch water from the well but did not return with water after several hours. This, she said, created suspicion and tension that led to his search.

She added that when they got to the well, his bucket was seen and they looked inside the well only to discover that he was floating in the well.

“My father took a bucket that he was going to fetch water from our well on Sunday night but could not come back after some time and that created suspicion and we started looking for him.

“I went to the well and saw his bucket. When I looked inside the well, I discovered that he has died”, she said.

The Police spokesperson, Loveth Ogah, however, said she was not aware of the development at press time but promised to speak on the development when confirmed.

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Borno is gradually becoming synonymous to crisis, being the stronghold of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

For over 8 years, security forces have tried to contain the activities of the deadly group and many personnel have been killed.

A thought of how he will face Boko Haram may have scared the late man to his decision to take his life.