The brutality of the officers of the Nigerian Police Force once again comes to the fore.

Sunday, the 7th day of April 2018 is a day that the family of Abdulrazaq Adamu of Dawaki Quarters in Gombe metropolis wishes never broke.

It was a day the family was thrown into a state of mourning after the loss of their son.

Some uniformed men who claimed to be officers of Gombe state police command were said to have visited the family house of Abdulrazak Adamu in search of his 21-year-old son, Abuzar'i Abdulrazak who was said to be a member of the Kalare militia group terrorizing Gombe city.

"I was sleeping in my house at around 12 midnight when the police came looking for my son who was not at home as at the time they came, I took them to his room, where they searched and found nothing but an old jack knife which they took as evidence. 

''They left promising to come back whenever he is back," said Abdulrazaq.

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Abdulrazaq said he was shocked after he was told the following day that his son was in police custody and was released two days later after he had been allegedly tortured 

"He was beaten to a point of death without any charge.

"I was not told the police division, but I was made to understand that my son was not the only one arrested. He was arrested alongside 11 of his friends out of which two are dead.

“My son was killed and has been buried. I don’t have any plan to press charges, but I want police to be more professional in their work and have some humanity in them as they are here to protect lives and properties not to kill people" Abdulrazaq said.

When Bounce News contacted the Public Relations Officer of the Gombe State Police Command, DSP Mary Obet said the police is yet to receive any report relating to such case.

However, a source within the police said it could be the operation of SARS, Army or CID who are not happy with the way politicians are trying to empower the Kalare group that the police have made progress in dislodging.

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