'Catch and kill' is what they called it and many young residents whose anger has been ignited against criminals are engaging in it.

There is a rising fear that innocent persons may be killed in the process and the police are stepping in. 

On Thursday, the spokesman for the police command in Bayelsa State, Mr Asinin Butswat, told Bounce News what the police were doing to check the rising cases of jungle justice. 

“We have not been able to arrest any perpetrator of the jungle justice, but we are working with the community to get the identity of those that carried out these killings.       

Within one week at least four persons have been killed by angry mob, with the death of one of them still being contended.

Following this increasing killings in Yenagoa, the Capital of Bayelsa State, the police began investigations.

Mr Butswat told Bounce News that the two young boys brutally murdered by angry mob at Opolo community on Sunday were suspected armed robbers.

He said a locally made revolver was recovered from them.    

He also confirmed that the police recovered the body of a man who was also mobbed at Nikkton Road on Monday                                     

Mr Linkton Izonbode, a staff attached to the State Cultural Centre, was killed by angry mob at Navy Captain Ayeni Street.

“The only thing I know is that some policemen recovered a body but nobody have come to report any incident or claim the body.  

“We are yet to establish what led to the man’s death," he said.

Furious over the way he was killed, some angry youths had gone on a reprisal attack, but the timely intervention of some police officers and men of the vigilantee group prevented what would have been a bloody clash. 

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Mr Butswat further said: "We are working hard and restrategising.  

“At least for now, we have not recorded any major incident except for these mob action.  

He said they have rolled out an operation order for the 'ember' month.   

“Hopefully, the rate of small crime will reduce drastically with this new strategy we are working."

The police spokesman in the state then advised Bayelsa youths to desist from crime.  

“Crime does not pay.   

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“Anyone who resorts to taking the laws into their hands by killing a suspect, definitely we will investigate, arrest and prosecute such person.”    

Meanwhile,  the Secretary General of the ljaw Youth Council (IYC), Mr Alfred Kemepado, has also condemned the act of jungle justice.

Alfred said that criminals should be handed over to security agents and not killed.  

He urged ljaw youths to be law abiding.       

Some Bayelsans have, however, expressed fear that the act of jungle justice had come to stay.

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