When you order a bottle of your favorite liquor in the club and the waiter calls 45,000 naira, you are happy to swipe your debit card to make the payment.

Even though the drink costs less than 10,000 naira at the popular supermarkets, you do not mind, after all, you are also paying for the club’s service.

It would have been a fair deal if you are guaranteed authentic drinks at these expensive clubs and bars but unfortunately, you may be using your money to buy future tears.

The reality of adulterated drinks finding their way into our stomachs, through public and private bars dawned on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 when the police paraded Benjamin Ojukwu.

He is a 55-year-old China returnee who has made the production of adulterated drinks his source of livelihood.

His arrest was made possible, thanks to eagle-eyed citizens who alerted the police that an illegal wine factory was operating at Ojuwoye market, Mushin, Lagos.

The factory was raided, and the police recovered various brands of wines and hot drinks suspected to be adulterated, empty bottles, labeled bottle cocks and empty cartons of drinks.

Talk of any liquor brand that gives you satisfaction, you will find it with him and according to the police, he has confessed to committing the crime.

The suspect told Bounce News how his former factory in Nnewi, Anambra state, Benaz International where he claimed to be operating legally with NAFDAC approval got burnt and he needed to bounce back to business.

The desperation led him to Lagos where he started the production of his own fake version of popular fast-selling brands since his NAFDAC documents all got burnt.

You would ask, why then did he not go back to NAFDAC since he had been approved before? He retorted, “I went there, they said I should start the process again.”

His further confessions give more meaning to Olamide’s song, Science Students where he warns about the dangers of consuming all sorts of chemicals in the name of enjoyment.

Asked how he sourced the materials for his products, Mr Ojukwu said: “You can buy ethanol in every shop. Even people who make cake use it. I use ethanol, flavours, sugar and colouring.”

Does he drink these things he produces? “When you come to my house you will see my bar. Only God knows if these things are fake. Nobody has ever returned my drink saying it is fake.

“You can only call them fake now because it is not my label,” he argued, insisting that his only crime was using other brands to sell his product.

Ojukwu’s arguments stem from his belief that he was properly trained to produce alcohol and his products are not harmful.

The Commissioner of Police has said that they were working with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) to test the samples of the products seized from Ojukwu.

However, we would also be interested in getting the agency’s reaction to his claim that he had been approved before by the agency.

Another source of worry is that Ojukwu confessed to Bounce News that he bought empty bottles and their packs from the same night clubs you patronize.

How then can we be sure that these night clubs do not also buy some of the products they sell from him to maximize profit?