Whistle blowing or attempted whistle blowing for selfish reasons can put you in trouble, just ask Alfred Andrew.

The Abuja command of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has arrested the 40-year-old security guard for allegedly stealing foreign currencies worth 24 million Naira  from his boss and threatening to blow the whistle on his boss.

Prior to his arrest, Alfred Andrew, a Bauchi state indigene, officially earned the sum of 25,000 naira  for guarding the residence of Benedict Emmanuel at the Gwarimpa Estate in Abuja.

Andrew, however, maintained a luxury apartment in town and used an iPhone 7 which was clearly beyond his means.

The security guard said he had stumbled upon a stack of foreign currencies after randomly going through his principal’s belongings in the latter’s absence.

“That day, I was sweeping when I saw a key on the floor. I tried it on the padlock on my boss’ apartment and it opened. I went inside the house and was searching through his belongings when something fell on me from the top of his wardrobe.

“I then realised it was foreign currency. I climbed on a chair to see what was on the top of the wardrobe and noticed that there were currencies from different countries. They were so much. That was the first time I would see so much dollars. I have only seen such large amount in movies.

“I was tempted to take the money. Before, I had been hearing of whistle-blowers but I was not sure who to contact. I didn’t know who to report to. I didn’t have the number of the whistle-blowers (sic). I was scared. I didn’t know who to trust in Nigeria. I might tell someone and the person may turn things around against me.”

Andrew confessed that he regularly took some dollar notes and converted them to the Nigerian Naira before he decided to take a substantial sum.

Whistle-blowing is a federal government policy that promises up to 5 percent of recovered funds to persons who provide information that leads to the recovery of looted funds.

Investigation is ongoing to determine the source of the dollars in his employers apartment while he is being prosecuted for theft.