Akaeze youths at the wee hours found the Fulani herdsmen in the house of an old woman in the area before they were handed over to the police.

The herdsmen were arrested by the youths of Akaeze in the house of a woman who raised alarm after ‎they besieged her house in the guise that they were looking for their missing cattle.

Akaeze youth later handed the herdsmen to police in Ivo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

Coordinator of Akaeze Development Centre, Honourable Fabian Uka, disclosed that the herdsmen gave divergent reasons why they were found in the woman's home.

Some of them said they were seeking refuge after being attacked by armed robbers while others said they were looking for their missing cattle.

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“It was around 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday that one old woman in a community called Amaeze community in Ivo Local Government Area shouted on the top of her voice and the alarm aroused everybody from sleep.

“The youth chairman and all the youths rushed to the scene. When they came, they saw eight herdsmen with all these weapons you saw.

“The youths asked them what they were doing in that woman’s house, but they gave different answers.

"Some of them said that they encountered armed robbers somewhere in Abia State; some others said that they were looking for their missing cows. They said that they were tracing the legs.

“They then asked them, if the legs of the cows were traced to the woman’s house, but they couldn’t show same. That was exactly what happened. The youths then arrested them and took them to the police headquarters in Ivo.

“We didn’t see any firearms but they came with dangerous spears, several machetes, axes, daggers, bows and arrows; those poisonous arrows are more dangerous than guns because if it touches a tree, that tree will die,” he narrated.

Confirming the incident, the Ebonyi State Police Command Spokesperson, ASP Odah Loveth said: "Seven herdsmen were arrested by youth of Akaeze community and handed over to police. The herdsmen themselves said they lost seven of their cows at Abia state which they trail to Akaeze.

"As soon as they entered, the community the youth arrested them.

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"They only came in search of their cow, not for violent. The weapons, machetes, bows and arrows found with them were only to defend themselves from attack in the bush.

"The herdsmen have lodged their complaint at Abia state police and military. Ebonyi state police command has taken over the case and a team of police men has been prepared to travel to Abia state to investigate their claim.  If it is true, we will now investigate the missing cow," she said.

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