A football fan was not so lucky to return home alive after he went out to support his preferred team.

Obinna Igwe was allegedly shot dead by a police officer following a fracas involving some policemen and a football team.

Two others were injured in the incident that happened in Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

The football match, the final of a Unity Cup competition organised by the chairman of Ikwo Local Government Area, John Nnabo at Urban Secondary School, Ndufu Echara, was between Ndufu Alike and Ndufu Echara Teams.

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The referee reportedly sent off an Ndufu Alike player, and consequently, his team conceding a goal in the second half.

The dismissed player then returned to the pitch, alongside other players on the bench, to protest the referee’s decision.

"As they attacked the referee, a police officer at the field started shooting into the air to disperse the crowd.

"The situation made the people to start running towards the gate of the school to leave the premises but another police officer opened fire on them and injured many who were later evacuated to hospital,” Premium Times quoted a source who requested anonymity.

The witness alleged that the incident resulted in a rampage by some youth of Ikwo who almost attacked the police, but for the intervention of some public office holders in the area.

Two police men were said to be injured in the incident.

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