The experience of President Muhammadu Buhari in Plateau State has triggered a better plan for crowd control in Borno, even though it may not be palatable for the people. 

President Muhammadu Buhari, on Monday, visited Borno State, a northeast Nigerian state, for his presidential campaign amidst tight security.

Before the President arrived at the Ramat Square in Maiduguri, supporters had gathered in their numbers, making the place tense.

The weather in Borno State is extreme, with over 35oC, it is hot and the crowd had made the location rowdy and a need to calm the people and the heat arose. 

Nigeria's Fire Service personnel had been mobilised to the venue and in an attempt to control the crowd, they sprayed water on the people.

Fire Service sprays water on crowd at Buhari campa

Some persons believed it was to calm the heat, but what would happen after the water was exhausted was one thing they had failed to also consider.

Another school of thought suggests the experience of President Buhari in Jos, the capital of Plateau, had triggered the presence of the Water Men in Borno. 

They were there to ensure that the crowd would allow the President speak to them without having to push to the stage. 

President Buhari had abandoned his presidential campaign in Jos after crowd push became a threat. 

Fire Service sprays water on crowd at Buhari campa

He is in Borno State amidst tight security and the campaign is coming at a time that insurgency had re-surged in the state, with a splinter group of Boko Haram battling to take over some communities

While the crowd control is ongoing, some persons are on risk-rampage, climbing billboards around the venue. 

It is a Next Level campaign of the All Progressives Congress and images of persons at the campaign ground showed people adorned in white Agabada with the inscription.

Fire Service sprays water on crowd at Buhari campa
Fire Service sprays water on crowd at Buhari campa

One of the persons wearing the Next Level attire of the APC is the Governor of the State, Kashim Shettima that had few weeks ago cried before President Buhari over the situation in his state. 

Will the crowd allow the President address them this time? 

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