One of the reasons why the bloody attacks in Plateau state continue to go on may be the lack of proper synergy among security agencies.

A live TV interview with the Plateau Police Commissioner, Adie Udie, monitored by Bounce News on Wednesday gave that indication.

Mr Udie, although said that all hands were on deck to make Plateau safe again, added that he could not ascertain what level of work had been done outside the police system.

The military Special Task Force (STF) has particularly been very active in the battle with the attackers as they have been deployed across the state.

But how well are they working with the police who are responsible for prosecution?

Plateau Crisis: There Are Still Problems We Need To Solve - Govt.

He said “the STF have their structure, and they also have a procedure for handling suspects that are brought to them”.

But at what point do they come together on this assignment? “Once there is a situation, we contact each other and do deployment,” he explained.

Does the Police Commissioner have any idea how many suspects are in the STF custody? He could not tell but simply replied, “When they effect their arrests, they handle such arrests.”

How then, can suspects be profiled, investigated and prosecuted by the police when they do not have access to such suspects?

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“When they have finished dealing with their own suspects, where it is necessary to transfer them to us they do. If they are to process them to Abuja, they do.”

These are supposed to be the ‘hands on deck’ to keep Plateau safe.

It’s not all gloomy, however, as he confirmed that the youths have made some arrests and handed over to the police, an indication that locals have been quite supportive.

The Neighbourhood Watch and the vigilante groups have also been working with the police, “They do assist us with information they are able to gather,” he confirmed.

Moving forward, a security council meeting was held on Tuesday and he believes more results would be achieved in their quest to end the attacks.