Destination weddings are unique and very exotic. It’s like getting married on a vacation with your family and friends sharing those memorable moments with you.

Although, destination weddings are fun, their success relies heavily on careful planning and preparation. 

It's important you inform your guests way ahead of time when planning a destination wedding

So before you hop on the plane and sail away to your venue of ‘I do’, read these tips below to know the 3 important details you should never leave out when planning your destination wedding.

1. Plan with the weather:

Absolutely! Before you start shipping off your family and friends to a secluded island somewhere, be sure to first of all take into consideration what time of year your wedding will take place and how the weather condition is expected to be in that region. So do your research before concluding your wedding arrangements as per the venue. If you’ll be having an outdoor wedding, then you obviously need to fix the ceremony for summer time when the weather is sunny with minimal chances of rainfall.

2. Inform your guests on time

Destination weddings are expensive – not only for the couple getting married, but also for their guests. Therefore, it is very crucial that you alert your invitees early enough so that they can prepare and make adequate plans for the trip. Ideally, this sort of invitation should be sent at least 4 – 5 months before the wedding day.

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3. Stay within your budget

This is by far the most important wedding planning detail that should never be overlooked. Planning your big day can be really exciting and it’s easy to fall into the temptation of buying nearly every pretty thing on sight. But remember that money runs out quickly if it is not spent carefully and prudently. Have a rock solid budget for the wedding and make sure you account for every single dime spent out of it. Try as much as possible to cut cost also, because it is better to have money left over than to have a shortage. You still have a life to live after the wedding.