He is 75 and she is 51.

They have been married for 22 years. They usually disagree and matters are amicably resolved.

But times have changed and these days when they fight, Moshood believes Balikis cheats by grabbing his balls!

The court room erupted in laughter when their case file was read and the accused pleaded not guilty. 

Adedapo, who sells building materials, said Balikis has threatened to end his life.

“Whenever my wife and I are fighting, she will quickly grab my testicles and start twisting them.

“She will not leave my two balls until I beg and cry. Last week, she came to my room while I was asleep and grabbed my scrotum; she said that she will kill me, that I will not escape again.

“I was crying and shouting for help and neighbours rushed to rescue me but still my wife refused to let go until I struggled to bite her hands and she released them.

“It was after 20 minutes, that I was able to regain consciousness. My two balls have suffered in the hands of my wife.

“She always tells me that she will kill me one day and I am afraid she will carry out her threat one day. Please, dissolve the marriage because I may not be lucky next time,” Adedapo said.

Moshood also accused his wife of being promiscuous and wicked. He claimed she denies him sex and makes him beg for several hours before she allows him touch her.

In her response, Balikis a mother of three children, accused her husband of treating her unfairly and turning her children against her.

“Yes, I denied him sex because he used to beat me.

“My husband used to order my children to beat me up, all the scars on my body were as a result of the constant beatings I received from them,” she said.

After listening to both parties the President of the of the court, Adegboyega Omilola dissolved the marriage and asked both of them to care for their children.