Phyno (with proof) showed that DeCarlo struck an agreement with him to collaborate on a song.

The rapper and singer addressed the song controversy for the final time according to him after songwriter DeCarlo’s claims that the rapper’s version of the song of ‘I Am A Fan’  is not authorized.

Phyno has responded to DeCarlo’s statement via twitter. 

The Nigerian rapper uploaded screenshots from his WhatsApp conversation with DeCarlo about the song.

According to the messages, DeCarlo had struck a barter with Phyno to collaborate with him on a song which turned out to become ‘I’m a fan’. 

The songwriter was also aware that it had been released on Phyno’s “The Playmaker” album.

US singer, Pia Mia released a similar version of the record on May 26, 2017, in collaboration with R&B singer Jeremih and  Nigerians assumed that the singer illegally recreated.

American producer DeCarlo, who Phyno featured in the song, went on Twitter on Monday to say he only gave Pia Mia permission to use it.

"I wrote the original demo of “I’m A Fan” and pitched it to various artists. I worked with Pia Mia and Jeremih on the track, and their song is the only version authorized”.