Sometimes one wonders if thieves still steal phones now that passwords and cloud monitoring tools render a phone useless by just a click of the button.

But one thief, probably still leaving in the past, tried to play a fast one on Ngozi, but she got what he deserved.

She was in a car and on her way to church and the usual Lagos traffic jam had ‘tied a wrapper’, as Lagosians usually say.

The thief thought it was a good time to practice this act that had consumed his thoughts for the past few hours.

He needed money and should get a phone to sell, but Ngozi's God was not asleep. 

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Ngozi suddenly noticed a hand and before she could give a thought to what it was coming for, it grabbed her phone.

In her consciousness, she struggled to hold on to it, but he was prepared.

“He used something to shock my hand and I let go of the phone. He took it and began to run.

“I told my brother who was with me and he ran after him.

“I got down from the car, ran after him and began to shout. ‘Thief o! Thief o!! Thief o!!!.

“Other persons joined my brother in chasing him,” she narrated.

After racing like he was running for a medal in one of the Olympic games, he was caught, and many people watching thought it was death for him.

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The usual Lagos people will quickly grab a tyre and fuel and give him an instant judgement, but he was lucky.

A police official came to the scene and took hold of him.

He had already received some beaten though, but jungle justice was averted.

He is in police custody and the police said he would be charged for stealing.

guy steals phone gets what he deserves
guy steals phone gets what he deserves
guy steals phone gets what he deserves
guy steals phone gets what he deserves