A woman reportedly found her two children dead in a freezer after they were locked inside by an unknown person.

The two were twins aged 7.

The horrendous incident took place in Egbu Unuenem Otolo Nwewi, Anambra State.

According to a Facebook user named Ugochukwu Pius, who shared the story, he said the twins were forced into a refrigerator while the parents organized a search for the missing kids thinking they were kidnapped.

Their corpses were later discovered after they had passed away.

Reports have it that the police is looking into the issue to unravel the circumstances behind their demise.

Ugochukwu Pius wrote:

"My heart  bleeds when I saw this, this morning.

"Happening now at Egbu Unuenem Otolo Nnewi, Anambra State. This twins were murdered by unknown person.

"The kids were forced into the fridge while the parents are busy looking for the kids thinking that they were kidnapped.

"Quite unfortunate, the parents discover their cops early this morning around 2am in their sitting room, inside their own refrigerator.

"May God help this nation.  RIP little kids'

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