Boko Haram and troops on counter-terrorism operation in Nigeria's northeast have faced-off in battle in Gashigar, a community in Borno State. 

The Nigerian Army were able to subdue the insurgents as they fled from their stronghold.

The Nigerian Army said on Sunday that the troops successfully repelled the attack forcing Boko Haram members to retreat. 

Troops Repel BHT attack at Gashigar.

Members of the terrorists group had targeted a location occupied by troops. 

"Boko Haram Terrorists (BHT) were completely routed on 27 October, 2018 when they attempted to infiltrate 145 Battalion location at Gashigar Borno State," the Nigerian Army said. 

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"They fled in disarray due to superior firepower by the gallant troops and support from the Nigerian Air Force, the statement added.

The military said that the clash led to the death of a soldier while 4 others were Wounded in Action.

Troops Repel BHT attack at Gashigar.

The wounded were immediately evacuated to Maiduguri for treatment by Bell 412 Helicopter.

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