Niger State is often described as the 'Power State' not just because the Kainji and Shriro Dams that are key to electricity in Nigeria are situated there.

It is a state which houses two former Head of States; Ibrahim Babaginda and Abddusalam Abubakar and it is key in politics in Nigeria; particular;y the North.

So it was quite hearthwarming as massive crowd welcomed the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar to Niger State for his campaign rally on Wednesday.

During the campaign, Abubakar, reiterated his promise to create more job opportunities for unemployed women and youth in the country, if elected President.

Atiku in Niger

He restated the promise on Wednesday in Minna, while addressing party supporters at a rally where he also harped on the need for better infrastructural development in the Niger State.

Abubakar promised to create employment opportunities in the country.

He said that infrastructure in the country, including roads, schools and hospitals, were built by previous PDP administrations, calling on Nigerians to vote out the ruling party.

According to him, the APC government has failed to deliver its promises of 2015 to fight corruption, insecurity and eradicate poverty in the country.

“Today, insecurity is not only peculiar to the Northeast, but we now have insecurity in North Central and North West; APC has failed to control insecurity.

Atiku in Niger

“Our campaign is issues based; which is to fight corruption, restore back security and eradicate poverty in the country if voted into power.

“The roads we see today were constructed by PDP administration since 2008, other social amenities we have were built by PDP, we appeal to you to vote out APC in the forthcoming elections,” he said.

Some of those at Atiku's rally on Wednesday include Alhaji Tenmu Turaki, Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso, Sen. Phillip Aduda, Dr Shem Zagbayi and Sen. Zainab Kure.

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