President Muhammadu Buhari is in Morocco for an official visit and talks with His Royal Majesty, King Mohammed VI who invited him.

He departed Nigeria for Morocco on Sunday.

On arrival, the President was welcomed with a motorcade parade that must have been an interesting one to watch. 

Like what you see in Hollywood movies, the security agents with the doors of their cars open stood by it, thrilling the crowd that had come out to welcome the President of the most populous nation in Africa.

Buhari in morocco

It is the beginning of a two-day official visit to the north African country that will see the two leaders discuss socio-economic matters affecting their countries.

This follows prior engagements in December 2016, when His Majesty visited Nigeria. 

Buhari in morocco

After he was welcomed, President Buhari held his first meeting with His Royal Majesty, King Mohammed VI. 

Discussions must have focused on strengthening existing agreements on the fertiliser industry, education cooperation, the Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline project and establishing a basic chemical platform to harness Nigeria’s vast natural gas resources and support Morocco’s diammonium phosphate industry.

Buhari in morocco

Morocco is one country illegal immigrants had passed through into Europe since it is very close to Spain and some Nigerians have passed through the nation to Europe. 

The Nigerian President is expected to break his fast in the nation for the two days he will be there. 

Buhari in morocco