The Stone Wharf Jetty in Oyinbo, Lagos Mainland is home to what is arguably Nigeria’s largest crayfish market.

The market takes place every other nine days and is kept wet by fishermen in Ilaje in Ondo State and other parts of Niger Delta.

Every market day, a local vessel carrying seafood cargo – crayfish, dried fish, snails – berths at the Jetty and traders across Lagos feast on the cheap supplies of the abundant seafood cargo.

Some traders also patronise the market to boost their export businesses.

Besides seafood, the vessels also bring drums of dry gins, plantain, coconut, garri, palm oil and several other agricultural produce.

An estimated 50 million naira worth of transactions take place here each market day.

Bounce News visited the market recently and here are some shots from the market scene.

*This is the entrance to the Stone Wharf Jetty. Traders mill around waiting for the boat on the market day

*The expected boat is arriving. A foreman clears the harbour of crowd to make way for successful berthing

*The vessel upon arrival

*The boat berths, gets anchored

*The boat is ready to be offloaded of its cargo

*Workers roll out drums of dry gin from the vessel

*A woman samples a basket of crayfish

*Dried sand-free crayfish on display

*A variety of crayfish bowls on display

*Traders jostle to pick choice snails

*The market bustles by mid day

*White garri and galons of palm oil on display

*More cargo offloaded from the vessel

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