How far can your hope carry you when 11,000 persons like you are vying for 1,000 job openings?

When you see what people go through in Nigeria to get a job, you will prefer to sit at home doing nothing, but that is if you are part of those 'lazy youths' talked about some months ago. 

The minimum wage is just 18,000 Naira and people do not care. They want the job anyway.

Nigeria's governments - Federal, State and Local - are the highest employers of Labour and more and more are willing to join that work force, but the labour of our heroes past have been increased in our time especially when one wants to get a job. 

The increasing population of the nation and the slow pace of jobs creation have continued to reflect each time there is an aptitude test organised for job seekers. You remember the incident at the Abuja stadium some years ago when the Nigeria Immigration Service wanted to employ people. 

Bayelsa 1,000 jobs recruitment exercise
More and more participants troop in in the early hours of the morning

On Wednesday, it was another experience, but this time it was Bayelsa State that is offering the jobs. 

The state government had managed to create opening for 1,000 people, but after pruning down the number from over 22,000 persons, 11,000 people are jostling for this positions. 

For an examination slated for 9:00 a.m. local time, participants started to arrive at the venue at about 7:40 a.m, with many of them skipping breakfast.

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Upon their arrival at Bishop Dimeari Grammar School, Ovom in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State, security operatives from the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) barricaded the entrance. 

recharge card gift

By 9:00 a.m., enormous crowd had gathered outside the compound, pressing hard on the gate.

The situation was becoming tense, as many push to come to the front like it was a race that leaves those in the front roll luckier than other. 

Thank God for the timely intervention of the NSCDC operatives that prevented a stampede.

Just when the crowd were becoming impatient, the sliding gate open.

Bayelsa 1,000 jobs recruitment exercise
Participants waiting at the entrance of the school

The over 11,000 participants have been shared for the three days that the examination will hold at the venue and over 3,000 of them took part in the Wednesday test.

The job vacancy, which was announced last month, have been full of irregularities.

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From the distribution of forms to complaints about duplication of names. Some candidates have expressed lack of confidence in the process.  

Bayelsa 1,000 jobs recruitment exercise
The rain could not deter participants 

One thing that the government got right, however, was the level of peace that was in the venue of the exercise. Participants were of good conduct.     

After the examination, every participant that had a chat with Bounce News expressed hopes of getting a slot from the 1,000 job openings, but how much hope could pull an individual through from the over 11,000 crowd would be backed by the figure in the examination booklet at the end of the day.

Bayelsa 1,000 jobs recruitment exercise
Examination answer booklet for Bayelsa recruitment

A participant, who simply identified herself as Chioma said: "I graduated from school in 2013 and there was no job so, I started selling clothing materials.

"When I heard about the employment opportunity, I filled the form, now I have written the interview and I believe that with God all things are possible. 

"If I don't get the job, I will concentrate on improving in my business". 

A nursing mother who had come with her baby for the examination said she believed in the selection process process and was not concerned that she had no godfather. 

"I took the pain to come out here with my baby to write the exam and I believe that the sacrifice I made with my baby today will not be in vein.

Bayelsa 1,000 jobs recruitment exercise
Participants taking their examination all believe they will be selected

"It will help my family, my baby and I will appreciate the governor more because he has indeed helped us," the nursing mother said.

Some who did not make it through the earlier selection process, had expressed fears that several persons who were already in the system that are contract staff would get over 70% of the job openings. 

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