Residents and shop owners in the Santos area of Abule Egba have been left at the mercy of these loud caterpillars.

For the past 2 days representatives of the Lagos State Ministry of Works, without prior warning, struck like a 'sucker punch'- residents claim they did not see it coming.

On Wednesday November 22, 2017, buses and caterpillars from the ministry began to clear the way for the repair and expansion of some roads in the area.

After destroying fences of houses and shops to create more space for the upcoming projects on Wednesday, the officials promised to return on Thursday and Friday to 'finish the job'.

Bounce News spoke to residents who say that they were not given prior notice before the destruction and lost not just a means of livelihood but also property worth thousands of Naira.

The residents and shop owners, who escaped the first 2 days, have the 'grace' of clearing out their shops or coming to terms with the fact that their fences will be brought down whether they like it or not.

Bounce News attempts to speak with officials of the Ministry of Works proved abortive as the men at the site said they are not permitted to address the press.

A visit to the Ministry's office showed they had closed officially at 4pm. We will make another visit to their office on Friday as we follow up on this developing story.

See pictures below.

abule egba
abule egba destruction