What used to be an easy ride from Ilorin, Kwara State to Kabba in Kogi Sate is now a harrowing experience for those that are condemned to plying the route.

Motorists and commuters plying the Kabba-Ilorin ‘expressway’ are lamenting over the deplorable conditions of the roads calling on the concerned governments to do the needful.

Some of the motorists who spoke with Bounce News in Ilorin not only expressed displeasure at the state of the roads, they also complained of the damages to their cars.


The increased time spent on the road, accidents and crime which has now become a common feature of the dilapidated road is now worrying the helpless citizens more than ever.

Some commuters who also spoke with Bounce News in Ilorin expressed sadness as the roads have cost the lives of so many people plying it.

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They called on the government to put the roads in good shape for the sake of the masses.

A commuter in Eruku, Kogi State, Joy Adebayo said they prefer to go out for their livelihood when it is dawn due to the bad roads to avoid accidents and arm robbery, calling on the government to come to their aide.

Another motorist, Peter Uche in one of the private transits in Ilorin said his car broke down at Ilaagbon-Iyamoye on his way to Ilorin due to the bad roads which got the car spoilt.


His commuters had no choice than to take another vehicle going to Ilorin Kwara State for their safety and to catch up with their appointment, while those who could not afford another car waited for more hours before he got it done.

He expressed displeasure over what the motorists and commuters who ply the roads are going through from Kabba Kogi State to Ilorin.

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