Images of how Nigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari breaks his fast have been published almost daily in the last few days of Ramadan.

But the pictures released on Saturday were exceptional and they should also make news. 

That is why Bounce News wants you to see a few things that are not quick to capture when an individual looks at the pictures. 

Take a good look at the picture below and then come back to read the next paragraph. 

Often times that the President has been shown praying, he has never been seen sitting. 

Two things could be the reason that he is sitting.

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The first could be that the President could not bend and stand and then bend again, several times that it is done during Ramadan Tafsir and like he had said before, age is no longer on his side. 

That prayer was held at the State House Mosque on Saturday and the pictures were shared by his spokesman, Femi Adesina. 

Another reason is that the President could have just been honoured by the Chief Imam of the State House mosque, Abdulwaheed Abubakar, 

This honour could be seen in the picture of Buhari and the Chief Imam shaking hands. 

Buhari breaks fast

If the picture above is not because the President could not take part in the kneeling and rising process, then the second reason above must be true. 

Another thing that shows the second reason could be true is that the Chief Imam bent a bit while holding the hands of the President who looks younger than him. 

Give honour to whom honour is due, we suppose. 

The next picture after this one below is the one that leaves some questions about how things are handled around the President of Africa's most populous nation. 

Buhari breaks fast

When an individual is referred to as a President, there is a perceived aura around him that reflects perfection in the way things are done. 

But it is embarrassing to see a lapel microphone hanging on the president's clothes, like he is a common man. 

Are the officials of the President's media team saying that Nigeria cannot provide wireless microphones that the President could wear whenever he wants to grant an interview. 

Nothing is done in a hurry around a President like it was never planned. 

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Our President is the leader of over 190 million people and he should be accorded dignity in the way things are handled around him. 

It is awkward to hang any microphone on the body of a president.

What if the microphone is laced with some poisonous substance? 

The media unit of the President should have a special wireless microphone that should be given to the President whenever he is going to places like this that media organisations can connect to the receiver and then the interview can begin. 

They should please, handle our President as an honourable man. 

As much as it could portray how simple the President is, anything worth doing at all is worth doing well, we think. 

Buhari breaks fast

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