The long wait is over  - 1,102 days past without anyone knowing where they were. Finally, they have been returned.

Hugging was endless, tears of joy welled up in both parents’ and daughters’ eyes and well wishers beamed with smiles.

It was an emotional scene on Saturday as the recently released 82 Chibok girls reunited with their parents in Abuja.

In one scene, captured by the cameras, both the parents, along with one of the girls, burst out in tears of joy.

One of the overjoyed fathers picked his daughter up and swung her in the air.

See Photos: 

                                    Father and mother hold tight to their Chibok school girl

                                    Emotions prevail at another scene of reunion

                                    Chibok girls at the reunion. All Photos by Sunday Aghaeze

                                    One of rescued Chibok School Girls with her Mother