Are you tired of visiting Obudu Cattle Ranch and you are wondering where next to go in Nigeria? Turn to Gombe.

The State, nicknamed the Jewel of Excellence, was formed in October 1996 .

Why is Gombe so important to Nigeria's northern region? It shares common borders with Borno, Yobe, Taraba, Adamawa and Bauchi. 

Tungo Hill was the seventh settlement for the founding fathers of present day Kaltungo, Shongom and Ture communities after departing from Yemen.

In 2013, Mai Kaltugo Engineer - Sale Muhammed introduced a cultural festival called AMBTUNGO climbing Tungo Hill which is aimed at showcasing and preserving the cultural heritage of the people. 

The festival targets the young ones who Muhammed says stand a better chance in ensuring that the culture doesn't suffer extinction. 

"We come here every year to show our young ones where and how their fore fathers lived.

"If we allow westernization to overtake us, our culture will be nothing but history in papers", he told Bounce News.

The Mai also said, “The hill is a very beautiful site and full of history for a tourist.

"That is why we have been gathering money to build accommodations and modernize the hill for tourist purposes.

"We are calling on our state government to come and support our course as it will generate revenue for the government and create jobs."

Income Generating Venture

The Chairman organizing committee of AMBTUNGO 2018 Nasiru Yelma charged sons and daughter of Kaltungo Chiefdom to fulfill their promises and donate money for the project. 

He said, the benefit attached to turning this hill to a tourist haven cannot be overemphasized.

He cited Olumo Rock in Abeokuta and Mambilla Plateau as examples.

The chairman said since the inception of the annual event in 2013; commitments of about N1m were made, but only N253,000 has been realized.

“So I am urging the organizers to follow up on the people that made commitment and make sure all promises are fulfilled,” he said.

Traditional music, dances and meals were brought by Groups and Clans within the Chiefdom to entertain people at the event.

Rahab Lamale, a 45year old woman who led a group of traditional dancers with leaves on their waists said the dance is called Romo Rival and is usually an ancient way of quarreling between two wives.

Lamale commended Mai Kaltungo for bringing back this culture that has help to shape their children’s perception of brotherliness and unity.


District head of Shongom, Buba Alfayo told Bounce News that the festival brings peace and love between indigenes and visitors.

“This is moment of love for we the people of Kaltungo. I wish our people living outside Kaltungi were here to see our rich culture displayed here today,” Monday Garba said.

Friday Aune who is from Gwandum in Kaltungo, is excited and fulfilled to have taken part in the festival. 

He said the festival has enabled him to know so many things about his culture ranging from dance to dress modes, types of food and even how to live and relate with other people.